100% Whey Protein Matrix


Whey protein is known to be better than other sources of protein and mostly preferred by athletes, bodybuilders, and people who want to have a lean physique. The new 100% Whey Protein Matrix contains the latest protein filtration advancements with a unique mixture of 2 different types of whey and whey peptides. 100% Whey Protein Matrix also has a complete concentration of all the valuable amino acids rapidly digested by the body, including glutamine, and BCAA's (branch chain amino acids). 100% Whey Protein Matrix is an ideal protein option for a protein supplement. It has a powder taste that defines his quality and value. 100% Whey Protein Matrix is easy to prepare, tastes well and enjoyable.

Whey-Protein-Fractions are the ideal ratio of 100% Whey Protein Matrix with a highly concentrated Whey Protein Matrix with flavors that sets the tone and standard for performance and taste in a new industry. 100% Whey Protein Matrix increases the rate of anabolism when taken, even though you are so familiar with catabolism. We have got your back and we promise to never make you fall.

• Contains a very high-quality pure whey protein concentrate and whey isolate.
• Contains 23 grams of the finest grade protein per serving
• Biological value is high
• Enriched with glutamine peptides
• Contains a high concentration of all the valuable amino acids and Glutamine
• No Gluten.
• The expiry date is two years from production.