100% Whey Protein Isolate


Protein development for athletes is not a new concept. However, it is ever evolving. Isolate has taken the concept of tailored made protein development to the next level with the latest in a vast array of technological breakthroughs. With the highest percentage of protein by composition of any whey protein available, Isolate offers 29 grams of pure isolate protein per serving.

Isolate whey protein has always been a staple in true muscle building and an overall healthy lifestyle. These proteins provide anti-oxidant activity, enhance the immune system, and even help push the body into a positive nitrogen balance which allows for the most effective anabolic environment for muscle fitness.

In addition, Isolate will help any heavy training athlete maintain an ultimate level of healthy though helping the functions off the immune system. Athletes put a lot of pressure on their bodies and expect their bodies to heal quickly. However, without the proper nutrients, the body will break down, causing even the most trained athletes to get incredibly ill. Isolate helps replenish the nutrients within the body to help it heal and grow muscles while strengthening the immune system as well.

IS094 provide the protein found in Isolate. This glutathione boosting, multi-filtered pure protein contains protein fractions that are devised of an amino acid sequence shown to be a glutathione precursor, making the entire system work properly.

This product maintains:
• The Highest quality whey isolate protein
• 29 grams of protein per serving
• Glutamine Peptides to support muscle tissue integrity
• A plethora of branch chains amino acids and glutamine
In addition, Isolate is gluten free and offers a “best used” date of two years.